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I love you he said crying and i hate you lasher i

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Unformatted text preview: e the best time for escape. That if she only had the nerve she could push him off the top of one of these fragile staircases, and down he would go and splat, he'd have to suffer like any human! His bones weren't brittle, they were mostly cartilage still, but he would die, surely he would. Even as she considered it, she began to cry. She felt she could not do it. She could not dispatch him like that. Kill him? She couldn't do it. It was a cowardly and rash thing to imagine, far more rash than leaving with him had been. But that had been rash also. She realized it now. She was mad to think she could manage or control or study him on her own; what a fool, what a fool, what a fool. To leave that house alone with this wild and domineering demon, to be so obsessed in pride and hubris with her own creation! But would he have let it happen any other way? When she looked back on it, had he not rushed her, had he not pushed her, had he not 227 said Hurry to her countless times? What did he fear? Michael, yes, Michael had been something to fear. But it was my error. I could have contained the whole situation!...
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