Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I meant to kill cortland first things first i held

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Unformatted text preview: etting it bang loudly after him. With a very determined air he walked across the grass and then he started to run. The woman was staring at her. Emaleth put her hands to her ears, but it was too late, the transpar- ent door had banged so loud it made a ringing inside her ears and nothing now would stop it. The ringing had to wear away. Transpar- ent door. Not glass. She knew about glass. The bottle on the table was glass. She remembered glass windows, and glass beads, lots of things of glass. Plastic. The transparent door was screen and plastic. "It's all encoded inside," said Father. She looked at the woman. She wanted to ask the woman for food, but it was more important now to leave here-to find Father or Don- nelaith or Michael in New Orleans, whichever proved to be the easier 375 thing to do. She had looked at the stars but they hadn't told her. Father had said you will know from the stars. Now, of that part she wasn't so sure. She turned and opened the door and stepped outside, careful not to let it bang, holding it for the woman....
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