Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I picked up the pitcher and i drank it down greedily

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Unformatted text preview: cle. The Taltos can do miraculous things!" "Then both tales are true!" I said. "I am the saint; I am the monster with the strange name." "When you are in Italy," said the priest, "when you stand in the LASHER Basilica of St. Francis, the saint will give you his blessings and all will be in God's hands. The people fear the Taltos-they tell the old tales- but the Taltos comes only once in several centuries, and it is always a good omen! St. Ashlar was a Taltos, and that is why we, who know, say that he comes again." "Then I am some being other than mortal man," I said. "And you are wanting me to declare that I will imitate this saint." "Ah, you are very clever for a Taltos," he said. "Yet you have the divine simplicity, the goodness. But let me put it this way to your heart which is so pure. It's your choice, don't you see? You can be the evil Taltos or you can be the saint! Would that I had such a choice! Would that I were not this feeble priest in an age when priests are burnt alive by th...
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