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I prayed to him francis how can i not have a soul

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Unformatted text preview: e thousands; the sculptures of Michelangelo were everywhere to be seen. The guilds were powerful, still, though much trade had moved to the New World; and the city was an endless spectacle of processions, such as the great Procession of Corpus Christi, and performances of beautiful tableaux and plays. 5" The bank of the Medici was then the greatest bank in the world. Everywhere in Florence men and women were literate and thoughtful and talkative; this was the city which had produced the poet Dante and the political genius Machiavelli; the city which produced Fra Angelico and Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, a city of great writers, great painters, great princes and great saints. The city itself was made of solid stone and filled with palaces, churches, won- drous piazzas, gardens and bridges. Perhaps it was a city unique in all the world. It certainly thought that it was, and I did too. As my duties expanded, I soon knew every inch of Florence, and heard one way or another all the news of the world. The world of course was on the brink...
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