Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I reached out to take its hand which dangled at its

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Unformatted text preview: h and goodness in you, and this has been both intriguing to me and somewhat maddening. You have challenged me. Like many a man with Irish blood, you know all sorts of supernatu- ral things are possible. Yet you don't care. You go about talking to wooden joists and beams and plaster! Enough. Everything depends on you now. Let me return to Marie Claudette and the particular things she told me about our family ghost. "It has two kinds of voices," she declared, "a voice one can hear only in one's head, and the voice you heard, which can be heard by anyone with the right ears to hear it. And sometimes even a voice so loud and clear that it can be heard by everyone. But that isn't often, you see, for that wears it out, and where does it get its strength? From us-from me, from your mother, and possibly even from you, for I have seen it near me when you were here, and I have seen you look at it. "As for the inner voice, it can devil you with it anytime, as it has done many an enemy, unl...
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