Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I refused to look at cortland who tried again and

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Unformatted text preview: been the last words from Mother. Go to Michael, first of all. One way or the other, she was obedient to Father, or obedient to Mother. "And I will be looking for you," he'd said. It shouldn't be all that hard, and walking was fun. Twenty-two THEY were gathered by nine o'clock in the office on the top floor of the Mayfair Building-Lightner, Anne Marie, Lauren, Ryan, Randall and Fielding. Fielding really wasn't well enough to be there, anyone could see this. But no one was going to argue. When Pierce came in, with Mona, there was no complaint and no surprise, though everyone stared at Mona, naturally enough, having never seen her in a blue wool suit, and of course this one-her mother's-was a little too big for her, though not much. She did look years older now, but that was as much on account of the expression on her face as the loss of childish locks and her ribbon. She wore a pair of high heels that did fit all right, and Pierce kept trying not to look at her legs, which were very beautiful. Pierce had never found i...
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