Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I sat up struggling to prepare myself though for what

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Unformatted text preview: s to go. We have to go, be quiet and be patient. Mother wasn't telling the truth. Far off, Emaleth heard Father whisper her name. Mother stopped in the elevator door. The pain was too much for her. More and more there was pain. Emaleth sighed and tried to make herself very small, no pain for Mother. But the world grew tight and small and then Mother gasped, and put her hand over her eyes, and leaned to the side. Mother, don't fall. Then Mother fitted her shoes to her feet and began to run, her purse dangling from her shoulder, banging the glass doors as she ran out. But she could not run far. She was too heavy. With her arms around Emaleth she stopped, hugging Emaleth and steadying her. Mother, I love you. I love you too, my dear. I do. But I must get to Michael. Mother thought of Michael, pictured him, the man with the dark hair and the smile, burly and kind, and not at all like Father. Angel, Mother said, to save us. Mother was calm for a moment and her hope and her joy flooded through Emaleth. Emaleth felt joy. Emaleth felt for the first time in all her life Mother's happiness. Michael. But in the midst of this lovely calm, when Emaleth laid her head / against Mother and Mother's hands held Ema...
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