Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I saw finally the futility of all these gestures that

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Unformatted text preview: m her face, both younger and older, cheeks so soft, and face so well contoured. "It clearly is trying to be more than one. And if these embryos develop at an accelerated rate, which I think is putting it mildly by the way, this thing could have a fullborn child any time." "That's true," said Aaron Lightner. "That's exactly true. And we cannot begin to predict the growth rate of that child. It is conceivable the child will mature as rapidly as the individual did himself, though how that happened is still a mystery. It is conceivable the thing will then breed with the child. Indeed, I would think that would be the first step, since so many lives have been lost in other efforts." "Good Lord, you mean that's what it's trying to do?" asked Anne Marie. "What about Rowan? Anyone hear even one word?" Mona asked. Negative gestures and noises all around. Only Ryan bothered to mouth the word no. "OK," said Mona. "Well, I have this to tell you....
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