Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I saw the glen the cathedral the candles the

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Unformatted text preview: all these questions! You put yourself in danger. You think Lasher can't do away with you? Of course he can. Be quiet and do what you were born to do. You have life all around you. What more do you want?" I went into the city, to my flat in the Rue Dumaine. It was again raining as it had been on the night I went to the First Street house, and the rain has always soothed my nerves and made me happy. I opened the doors to the porch. I let the rain splash in, noisy and beautiful, drenching the iron railings and splattering on the silk curtains. What did I care? I could have hung the windows with gold, if I'd wanted. I lay on the bed, hands cradled beneath my head, one boot against the footboard, and I listed my various sins in my head . . . not sins of passion, for I counted them not at all ... but sins of viciousness and cruelty. Well, I thought, you have given this damned fiend your soul. What more can you give him? You can promise to protect and strengthen the babe, but again, the babe sees...
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