Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I saw the window of the master bedroom to the north i

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Unformatted text preview: and never failing in this. Something else happened as well. The thing began to imitate me. I saw it. This stemmed from a few careless remarks of mine. "Why must you look like that when you appear? So prim, so dusty?" "Suzanne thought this was a handsome man. What would you have me look like?" And in a few carefully chosen words I designed its clothes for it. Thereafter it appeared exactly like me to frighten me and amuse me. And we soon discovered that it could fool others on this score com- pletely. I could leave it at my desk pretending to be me and run away, and people thought I had never left the house at all. It was marvelous. Of course it could be nothing solid for very long. But it was getting stronger and stronger. LASHER And something else had come clear to me. The thing, though it gave me pleasure whenever I desired it, had no jealousy of others where I was concerned. Indeed the thing liked to watch such goings-on-with lovers, whores, mistresses. The thing o...
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