Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I searched my mind consciously and rigorously for the

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Unformatted text preview: ome here with you on Christmas Eve. I should not have let you come up against it alone, come up against it and her." "Don't condemn her." "I don't. I don't mean that. I mean I should have been here. That's all I mean. If it matters, I don't intend to desert you now." "It matters," said Michael, with a shrug. "But you know, I have this curious feeling. It's going to be easy now that I've made up my mind. Kill it." He snapped his fingers. "That's my problem. I was afraid to do that from the start." IT WAS eight o'clock. Dark, cold. You could feel the cold if you put your hands on the panes. Aaron had just come back for supper with Yuri. Yuri was returning to the Amelia Street house to talk to Mona. Yuri had blushed when he LASHER said he was going. Michael had realized the reason why. Yuri was taken with Mona. Then Yuri had stammered, "She reminds me of myself at her age. She is unusual. She said she would show me all her computer tricks. We will . . . talk.&q...
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