Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I showed her where i had hidden my books beneath my

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Unformatted text preview: said. "You must never let it get the better of you. It can kill; it can dominate! It can destroy; it wants to be alive, yes, and it is a bitter thing, a thing not of transcendent wisdom but under God, you see, something of blackness and utter despair, something that has been defeated!" 35i "Aye, suffered," she said, "that's the word. But Julien, you are past all patience. You cannot go on with this opposition to it. You must from now on leave this thing entirely to me." She rose to her feet and began to declaim in her calm voice, with few gestures, as was her manner. "I shall use this thing to make our family richer than your wildest imaginings. I shall build a clan so great that no revolution, no war, no uprising could ever destroy it. I shall unite our cousins when I can, encourage marriage within the clan, and see to it that the family name is borne by all who would be part of us. I shall triumph in the family, Julien, and this it understands. This...
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