Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I spoke of scotland and it wept for suzanne and told

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Unformatted text preview: ng her hands and even sinking down upon the floor and drawing up her knees. At once she sent for the very musicians who had played for her mother. And under cover of the wild band, which sounded like drunken gypsies fighting musical war with Cajuns of the Bayou over matters of life and death, I told her everything Marie Claudette had told me. Meantime the spirit appeared in the room, behind the band, where his manly form could not be seen by them but only by us, and began to dance madly. Finally the shaky apparition fell to rocking back and forth, and then vanished. But we could still feel its presence in the room, and that it had fallen into the band's repetitive and distinctly African rhythm. We spoke under this cover. Marguerite had not cared for "ancient history." She had never heard the word Donnelaith. She did not remember much about Su- zanne. She was glad I had taken note of this. And there were history books which she would give to me. Magic was her passion, she explained, and told me in detail how her mother had never appreciated her talents. Early on she, Marguerite, had befriended the powerful voodooiennes o...
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