Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I stood stock still i was dripping wet my shirt was

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Unformatted text preview: onfirmation to think clearly. Again I might have yielded to a load of Lasher's memories if I had allowed myself to do so. Hurriedly, I put my questions: 335 "But by the time of the witch, the Cathedral was long burnt," said I, trying to get my bearings. "Yes, everything was pretty much gone. Only sheepherders up there. But do understand, some historians do believe that the witch- craft persecutions were a last bit of Protestant-Catholic feuding. There may be some truth to it. What they say specifically is this-life be- came very dull under John Knox, what with stained glass and statues gone, and all the old Latin hymns banned; and colorful Highland customs abandoned; and the people went back to some of their pagan ceremonies just to put some fancy in their lives, you know, some color." "Do you think that was the case in Donnelaith?" "No. It was a typical trial. The Earl of Donnelaith was a poor man, living in a dreary castle. We hear nothing of him in that century, except that he later died in the fire that killed his son...
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