Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I think they have something to do with the picts that

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Unformatted text preview: ith my entire will and a great roar I drove it out of the windows, out over the calk, and above the rooftops, where it seemed to unfurl like a monstrous fabric without end. Mary Beth came rushing to me. Back it came to the window. Again I shot it my most heated and venomous curses! "I shall return to Eden," it roared. "I shall slay all who bear the name Mayfair." "Ah," said Mary Beth, opening her arms. "And then you will never be flesh, and we will never return, and all our dreams shall be laid waste and those who love you and know you best will be gone. You will be alone again." I got out of the way. I saw what was coming. She reached out to it again, and in the softest voice wooed it. "You have built this family. You have made the Eden in which it lives. Grant us this little time. All the good that has come to us has been through you. Will you begrudge us this little journey, you who have always given us our way, and what would make us happy?" The spirit was we...
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