Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I told you great granddaddy said mona we had two

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Unformatted text preview: his back against the mantel. "All the cousins are here," he said. Michael looked at her as if he hadn't heard these others speaking. "What do you mean," asked Michael, "that Julien didn't know? He must have known." "It's not like that, Michael," she said, trying to keep it a whisper. "There's an old Irish saying, 'a ghost knows his own business.' Besides, it wasn't really him, you know. When the dead come, they aren't there." "Oh no," said Michael in a small, weary but very sincere voice. "It was Julien. He was there. We talked together for hours." "No, Michael. It's like the record. You put the needle in the groove and she sings. But she's not in the room." "No, he was there," Michael said softly, though not argumenta- tively. He reached over almost absently and picked up Rowan's hand. Rowan's arm resisted him slightly, the hand wanted to be close to the body. He gripped it gently and then he leaned over and k...
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