Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I was at this point scared to death id proved my

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Unformatted text preview: ope enjoys such power as you have." "I love you," I said mechanically to it, and sought to believe this for an instant, as if I were seducing a mortal adult. "I shall continue," he said. "Protect Katherine until she can bear a girl child. Carry on the line; Katherine is weak, strong ones will come, it must happen." I pondered. "This is all I can do?;' I asked. "For now," he said. "But you are very strong, Julien. Things will come into your mind, and when you see what is to be done I shall see it." Again I pondered. I studied the happy throng on the lawn. My brother was calling for me to come down and play; they would be taking a boat out soon to the Bayou. Did I want to come with them? I saw, then, two founts of enterprise at work now in this family- one was the witches' fount, to use the spirit to acquire wealth and advantage; and the other was the natural or normal fount, already bubbling with a great strong flow that might not be stopped were the spirit destroyed. Once again, it answered me. "War on me and I destroy all this! You are living now because Katherine needs you...
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