Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I was repelled this was my baby sister katherine i

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Unformatted text preview: t;Hold back, Julien," Lasher said. "The witch loves this mortal man. Be careful. She has used ancient and sanctified words to call me." Darcy Monahan rose to his feet and came to assault me. Lasher stayed his hand. He was superstitious as anyone with Irish blood, and he looked around sensing the presence in the dark, and then he saw his lovely Katherine in a heap, moaning, and he went to revive her. I stalked out in a rage. I went back to my flat in the Rue Dumaine and brought several quadroon ladies of the night to my house, and there coupled with them one after another, in an abandon of grief. Katherine and that Irish beast; uptown in the land of the Americans. I see when I look back upon the story that I had kept too much knowledge from her. She thought the man was a ghost or a simple thing. She had no knowledge of what Lasher could do when she called upon him. "Well," I told her, "if you want to kill me, just call on him again like that, and he will try to do your bidding." I...
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