Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I was smiling well what can you do to me i asked

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Unformatted text preview: t I was powerfully amused by this show of male pride, and it fitted with my entire picture of the childish nature of the thing. I thought to myself how I hated it, and how I had to bury that thought in my soul. So I dreamed of it soothing me with kisses and caresses. "You can reward me after as you always have," I said. "This will be hard for you to bear." "For you, I'll do it. You've done much for me." "Aye, and now you fear me." "Yes, somewhat. I want to live. I want to educate Mary Beth. She is my child." Silence. "Come into you . . ." it said. "Yes, do it." "And you will not roust me with all your power." "I'll do my best to behave like a perfect gentleman." "Oh, you are so different from a woman." "Really, how so?" asked I. "You never really love me as they do." "Hmmm, I could digress on all this," I said, "but be assured that you and I can further each other's aims. If women are too squeamish to...
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