Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I was unhappy i did not feel absolved my eyes were

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Unformatted text preview: ight and abilities which I had acquired during and right after my birth. When I saw the mothers nursing, I wanted the milk. But I knew it was not a witch's milk. It wasn't that strong. It wouldn't help me. But I was grown, was I not? I had become taller even on my journey. And I seemed to all the world a strong and healthy human of some twenty years. Whatever my thoughts on all this, I resolved to reveal nothing. Rather I stepped out of myself, amongst those around me. I was charmed by the countryside, the vineyards, the greenery, and above, the soft light of the Italian sun. Assisi itself was at a great elevation, so that from many promonto- ries, one could see the surrounding country in all its soft splendor, so much more inviting than the threatening snow-covered peaks and cliffs which had surrounded Donnelaith. Indeed, my memory of events in Donnelaith was becoming con- fused to me. If I had not learnt to write within the next few weeks, and not recorded everything in a secret code, I might have actually erased...
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