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I went away from it deep into myself where i could

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Unformatted text preview: , lady. I'm going," said Emaleth, and she bent down and touched her hands lightly to the woman's shoulders and kissed her on the smooth brown forehead. She felt her black hair. She smelled it and smoothed her hand on the lady's cheek. Nice woman. She could see the woman liked the smell of her. "Wait, honey." This was the first time Emaleth had kissed anyone but Mother and it made the tears come again, and she looked down at the brown woman with the black hair and the big eyes, and she felt sorrow, that they would all die. Kindly people. Kindly people. But the Earth simply wasn't big enough for them, and they had prepared the way for the more gentle, and the more childlike. "Which way is New Orleans?" she said. Mother hadn't known. Father had never told. 377 "Well, that way, I reckon," said the woman. "I don't know, tell the truth, I think that's east. You can't just . . ." "Thank you, darling dear," she said, using Father's favorite phrase. And she st...
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