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I went down on my knees the wind ceased thank you

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Unformatted text preview: elaith drove out his soldiers without a moment's hesitation. Terrible, terrible bloody battles in the glen. And even the bravest British soldiers were loath to go up there." "The name of the saint." "I don't know. I told you. Probably some meaningless Gaelic collec- tion of syllables and when we break it down we'll find it's descriptive like Veronica or Christopher." I sighed. "And John Knox." "Well, Henry died, as you know, and his Catholic daughter, Mary, took the throne, and another bloodbath ensued and this time it was Protestants who were burnt or hanged or whatever. But next, we had Elizabeth the First! The Great Queen, and once again Great Britain was Protestant, ^a "The Highlands wer^^pared to ignore the whole thing, but then came John Knox, the great reformer, and preached his famous sermon against the idolatry of the papists, at Perth in 1559, and it was war in the glen as the Presbyterians descended upon the Cathedral. Burnt it, smashed the glass to pieces, laid ruin the Cathedral sc...
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