Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I went through the castle yard and over the bridge

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Unformatted text preview: me. This man followed me, but he didn't come close. He seemed in a great state of alarm when I entered the monastery, but he hung back, and I wondered if he was afraid of the Cross, the church, the sanctified ground. That night I resolved what I must do. I went down beneath the church and slept on the stones before the tomb of Francis. I prayed to him. "Francis, how can I not have a soul? Give me guidance, Father. Help me. Mother of God, this is your child. I am bereft and alone." I fell into a deep sleep and I saw angels, and I saw the face of the ''irgin, and I shrank down into a tiny child in her arms. I lay against LASHER her breasts, one with the Christ Child. And Francis said to me that that was my way; not to be one with the crucified Christ, leave that to others, but to be one with that innocent babe. I must go back to Scot- land, go back to where it had begun. I dreaded to leave Assisi so soon before Christmas-not to be here for the great Procession and to help make t...
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