Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I will be fine patricia i have my cane i wish i had

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Unformatted text preview: n." She had laughed and laughed. "But I am," she had said, "and the ones I loved to talk to are all gone. Now there's only Mona. And most of the time, Mona talks to me." How he had laughed at that. Ancient Evelyn had grown up speaking as little as possible. The truth was Ancient Evelyn might never have spoken much to a soul if it hadn't been for Julien. And the one thing she did want to do was tell Mona someday all about Julien. Maybe today should be that day. It struck her with a shimmering power! Tell Mona. The Victrola and the pearls are in that house. Mona can have them now. She stopped before the mirrored hat rack in the alcove. She was satisfied; yes, ready to go out. She had slept all night in her warm gabardine dress and it would be fine in this mild spring weather. She was not rumpled at all. It was so easy to sleep sitting up perfectly straight, with her hands crossed on her knee. She put a handkerchief against the tapestried back of the chair, by her cheek as she turned her head, in case anything came out of her mouth as she slept. But there w...
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