Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I will come to you as long as i can we made love we

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Unformatted text preview: st inbred lines in the family." "OK," Mona said, "four deaths here, two in Houston. The Houston deaths were later." "Several hours later," said Randall. "The individual could easily have taken a plane to Houston in that time." "So there's no supernatural agency involved in that," said Pierce. "If it is 'the man,' the man is flesh like Mother said, and the man has to move like any other man." "When did your mother tell you it was the man?" "Excuse me," said Ryan quietly. "Gifford said that some time ago. She didn't really know any more than any of us did. That was her speculation. Let's stick to what we do know. As Randall said, this is an individual." "Yes," said Randall, at once taking command again, "and if we put our information together with that of Lightner and Dr. Larkin from California, we have every reason to believe this individual had a unique genome. He has some ninety-two...
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