Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I will send him uptown lasher patrick will just have

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Unformatted text preview: ced, and then rushed at Michael, coming between him and Lasher. Michael brought the ham- mer down. The man died instantly as the hammer caved in his forehead and sank three inches through the bone. Norgan fell forward, hanging from the hammer as Michael jerked it free. Lasher seemed about to fall. He danced, listed, cried softly, the blood still flowing, mingled now with his sleek black hair. He gazed at the window. The window to the porch roof was open! A frail young woman stood there in the darkness, on the porch roof, the emerald glinting on a golden chain around her neck. She wore a flowered dress, short at her knees, her dark hair close to her face. She beckoned. "Yes, I'm coming, my darling dear," said the dazed Lasher, falling forward, and climbing up, and out over the windowsill onto the roof. "My Antha, wait, don't fall." As he rose up to his full height again, he struggled to gain his balance. Michael climbed out on the tarred roof and sprang to his feet. The g...
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