Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I wont go yuri will find the answer yuri left this

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Unformatted text preview: se other men to protect you?" "Michael, you are my father. Help me. Come with us to Amster- dam." He turned to Stolov. "You have the woman, don't you? The female Taltos. In all my attempts, I failed. But you have it." Stolov said nothing, but held his gaze evenly. "No, all that is fancy," said Aaron. "We have no female Talcos. We have no such secrets. But we will give you shelter, don't you see? We will provide a sanctuary in which you can be questioned, and write out the tale you've told us, and in which we will aid you in any way that we can." Lasher gave a small smile to Aaron, and again he glanced at Stolov. He took another careless swipe at his tears with his long graceful hand. Michael did not take his eyes off the creature. "Aaron, they killed Dr. Larkin," said Michael. "They killed Dr. Flanagan in San Francisco. They would destroy any obstacle. They want the Taltos, and it is as the Dutchman told Ashlar five hundred years ago! You've been their dupe an...
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