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I would pray first i told my brother no he said we

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Unformatted text preview: t when I changed the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ it was nothing of the sort. Indeed, nothing that I had done could bear fruit. I fell into a state of melancholia. I would talk to no one. And then it became very plain to me that I must have imagined this birth in England! That nothing of that sort could truly have occurred! Donnelaith. I had never heard mention of a cathedral there, of monks of our Order. But of course for years Henry VIII had persecuted the Catholics. Only recently had Good Queen Mary restored the true church. If my fancies were true, I had been by my own reckoning alive just over twenty years. Unless my lost childhood was just that-a history lost to the memory, buried experiences, something which I could not call back. But it didn't seem so; and the more I brooded, the more everything about me began to look suspect to me, and the more tor- mented I became. Finally I decided I must know a woman. I must know if I was to that extent a man. I was burning to do it, of...
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