Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

If he was a simple one and only mutation something

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Unformatted text preview: were you." "Is there any news on Rowan's whereabouts?" "Not a word. Except the old report's been confirmed. That she and her companion were in Scotland, in Donnelaith." "What is all that about? Where is Donnelaith, Scotland? I've been all over the Highlands, hunting, fishing. I never heard of Donnelaith." "It's a ruined village. At the moment it's swarming with archaeolo- gists. There is an inn there principally for tourists and people from universities. Rowan was seen there about four weeks ago." "Well, that's old news. That's no good. Nothing new is what I meant." "Nothing new." "This companion of hers, what did he look like?" Lark asked. Lightner's expression darkened slightly. Was this weariness or bit- terness? Lark was baffled. "Oh, you know more about him now than I do, don't you?" asked Lightner. "Rowan sent you X-ray film, printouts of electroencephalo- grams, all of that sort of thing. Didn't she send a picture?" "...
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