Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

If only one door had been forgotten but no that stiff

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Unformatted text preview: ys were gone, weren't they? And now was now. And now was really quite terrific. The disappearance of Rowan Mayfair had stirred up the family; people were revealing things. And here was this great house, empty except for Michael Curry, and for her. The smell by the pool had dissipated somewhat, or she'd gotten used to it. But it was still there. And the moment was all hers. She proceeded to the back screen porch and checked one by one the locks of the many kitchen doors. If only one door had been forgotten . . . but no, that stiff-necked Henri had locked up the place like a fort. Well, no problem. Mona knew how to get in this house. She crept around to the very back of the house, to the end of the old kitchen, which was now a bathroom, and she looked up at the bathroom window. Who would lock a window that high? And how would she get to it? Pull up one of the big plastic garbage cans which weighed almost nothing at all. She went down the alley, caught the can by its handle, and what do you know, it rolled. How effic...
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