Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

If you could add two and two people clapped for you

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Unformatted text preview: the others sang and drank and laughed together. Maybe under that roof, she would have wound it again and said "Ju- lien," and to the wedding he would have come, an unexpected guest! Hadn't even thought of it then. Too afraid Alicia would stumble. That night, late, Gifford had come upstairs to Alicia's room at Amelia Street. She'd put her hand on Ancient Evelyn's shoulder, "I'm glad you came to the wedding," she'd said so kindly. "I wish you would come out again, more often." And then she had asked. "You didn't go to the secret place. You didn't tell them?" Ancient Evelyn had not bothered to answer. "Rowan and Michael will be happy!" Gifford had kissed her cheek and gone off. The room stank of drink. Alicia moaned as her mother had moaned, determined to die at all costs, be with Mother. Washington Avenue. Yes, indeed this was it. Over there, the white- shingled Queen Anne house same as always. It was the only one left on any of the four corners, of course, but it was the same, very...
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