Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

If you fix red beans and rice ill be fine a high prole

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Unformatted text preview: of this house, and didn't like working in it, and probably wouldn't stay long. He couldn't quite figure how to make Michael happy, Michael who kept saying, "I'm what's called a high prole, Henri. If you fix red beans and rice, I'll be fine." A high prole. Mona had gone up to Uncle Michael after supper, just as he was trying to get away from everyone and take his nightly consti- tutional, as he called it, and said, "What the hell is ^ high prole, Uncle Michael?" ' "Such language," he'd whispered with mock surprise. Then before he could stop himself, he'd stroked the ribbon in her hair. "Oh, sorry," she'd said, "but for an uptown girl, it's sort of, you know, de rigueur to have a large vocabulary." He'd laughed, a little fascinated maybe. "A high prole is a person who doesn't have to worry about making the middle class happy," he said. "Would an uptown girl understand that?" "Sure would. It's extremely logical, what you're sa...
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