Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Ill try to find out why that happened or more truly

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Unformatted text preview: danger to us and to others. We need you to remain here, to wait for orders, to do as you are told." "No, I'm sorry. I'm going to Aaron," said Yuri. He got up and walked out. He did not think about this. He did not look back. He had no particular interest in Anton's emotional reaction. He did take a long farewell look at the Motherhouse itself, but as the car went on towards Heathrow, there was really only one theme which played itself out in his mind, rather like a fugue. He saw Andrew dying in the hotel room in Rome. He saw Aaron sitting opposite him, Yuri, at the table, saying, "I am your friend." He saw his mother, too, dying in the village in Serbia. There was no conflict in him. He was going to Aaron. He knew that was what he had to do. Seven LARK was sound asleep when the plane landed in New Orleans. It startled him to discover that they were already at the gate. Indeed, people were disembarking. The stewardess was beaming down at him, lis raincoat dangling from her...
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