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Im ready to take over what makes you such a wimp

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Unformatted text preview: studying," he'd said. "But I must say I'm impressed with your knowledge of the market. How do you know all this stuff?" "You kidding me? Same way you know it," she had said. "From the Journal and from Barron 's, and from going online any time night or day for the latest statistics." She'd been speaking of the modem in her computer, and of the many bulletin boards she could call. "You want to know something about stocks in the middle of the night? Don't call the office. Call me." How Pierce had laughed. "Just call Mona!" Uncle Ryan had been intrigued, Mardi Gras fatigue or no, but not enough not to back away with another lame comment: "Well, I'm pleased that you're taking an interest in all this." "An interest!" Mona had replied. "I'm ready to take over! What makes you such a wimp, Uncle Ryan, when it comes to aggressive growth funds? And what about Japan? Don't you know the simple principle that if you balance your United States stock ma...
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