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Im sorry it is over i dont know what youre talking

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Unformatted text preview: more." Her breasts hurt just a little. But it was probably all right. "Can't make a baby, remem- ber." "Promise me that, sweetheart, why you're the most precious little gal, the most precious little thing I've ever . . . ever . . . known." Thirty-three THE MEETING in the dining room began at one o'clock. The nurses had promised to call Michael if there was the slightest change. The dining room required no artificial light at this time of aay. A flood of sun came through the south-facing windows, and even the north window on the street. The murals of Riverbend showed infi- nitely more detail than ever they did by the light of the chandelier. A sterling-silver coffee urn gleamed on the buffet. Extra chairs, of which there were many, were pushed back to the white-painted rail. As the family sat around the oval table, in somewhat uneasy silence, the doctor spoke first. "Rowan is stable. She is taking the liquid diet well. Her blood work is better. Her fluid output is good. Her heart is st...
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