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In geneva everything was planned down to the last

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Unformatted text preview: y. "Go on," he said to the old man. The old man was champing at the bit and picked up apparently where he'd left off, that the archaeological project had been funded for ninety years, through both wars, by American money. Some family in the States interested in the Clan of Donnelaith. But only in recent years had real progress been made. When they'd realized the Cathedral dated back to 1228, they'd asked the family in the States for more money. To their amazement the old trust was beefed up, and a whole gang from Edinburgh was now here, had been for twenty years, gathering stones that had been scattered and finding the entire foundations of not only the church itself but a monastery and an older village, possibly from the 7oos. The time of the Venerable Bede, he explained, some sort of cult place. He didn't know the details. "We always knew there was Donnelaith, you see," said the old man. "But the Earls had died out in the great fire of 1689, and after that there wasn't much of a town at all, and by the turn of the century nothing. 229 When the archaeological...
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