Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

In london i procured a large book with a leather

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Unformatted text preview: . To a peak of anger it came, so we saw a ghastly funnel of black cloud rising suddenly from the grass and spinning and spinning and darken- ing the whole sky, and suddenly-as swiftly as it had come-it van- ished. I stood stock-still. I was dripping wet. My shirt was half torn from my shoulder. Mary Beth uncovered her hair and walked round in the damp, staring upwards, bravely and curiously. One of the guides came back to me. "Goddamnit, man," said he. "I told you not to pray to him. What- ever in hell did you pray for!" I laughed softly to myself. "Oh, God, help me," I sighed. "Is that the proof, Almighty God, that you are not there, that your saints could be such petty demons?" The air was warming slightly. The men had the lanterns lighted. The water had vanished from the earth as if it had never come at all. We were still battered and wet but the moon was clear again, and flooding the glen with light. We went to right the tents, to dry the bedding. I lay awake the whole night. As the sun came up, I went to the guides. "I have t...
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