Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

In fact in berlin nobody remembers seeing her at all

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Unformatted text preview: ot;OK. It's what you said," said Mitch, "or what you said Rowan said." Lark didn't respond. But he knew that he had registered his reaction before he could stop himself. He bit his tongue. He wanted Mitch to go on. "This offspring isn't Homo sapiens," Mitch continued. "It's pri- mate, it's mammalian, it's male, it's potent, it has a dynamite immune system, it appears in the final tests to have reached maturity, but this is by no means certain, and it has a baffling way of using minerals and proteins. Something to do with its bones. Its brain is enormous. It may have profound weaknesses. Until I run more tests I don't know." "Draw me a picture in words." "Based on the X rays alone, I'd say it is one hundred fifty pounds in weight or less, and that when the final tests were done in late January, it was six and one-half feet tall. Its height changed remarkably between the first X rays taken on December twenty-eighth in Paris, and those taken in Berlin on January fifth. There was no change be- tween January f...
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