Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

In the dark of the night i talked to the victrola i

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Unformatted text preview: chromosomes in a double helix ex- actly like that of a human, but that is, very simply, twice the number 3i of chromosomes in a human being, and we know that the proteins and enzymes in his blood and cells are different." Pierce could not stop thinking of his mother, could not escape the image of her lying in the sand, which he himself had not actually seen, and now was doomed to see in various forms forever. Had she been frightened? Had this thing hurt her? How did she get to the water's edge? He stared down at the table. Randall was talking. "It is liberating to understand," said Randall, "that it is one male, and one which can be stopped, that whatever the history of this being, whatever mysteries shroud its inception, conception or whatever we wish to call it, it is one and can be apprehended." "But that's just it," said Mona. She spoke as she always did, as if everybody was prepared to listen to her. She looked so different with her red hair pulled back fro...
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