Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

In the morning after she had rested she took a stand

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Unformatted text preview: project began, my father came to build this inn. Nice gentleman from the United States leased him this property." "Who was this?" he asked in utter bafflement. "Julien Mayfair, it's the Julien Mayfair Trust," said the old man. "But you really ought to talk to the young chaps from the project. They are a well-behaved and serious lot, these students, they stop the tourists from picking up stones and whatnot and wandering off with them. "And speaking of stones, there is the old circle, you know, and for a long time that was the place where they did most of their work. They say it's as old as Stonehenge, but the Cathedral is the real discovery. Talk to the chaps." "Julien Mayfair," he repeated, staring at the old man. He looked helpless, bewildered, on guard. And as if the words meant nothing. "Julien . . ." By afternoon, they had wined and dined several of the students, and the entire picture emerged, as well as packets of old pamphlets printed from time to time to sell to the...
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