Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

In this day and age they find needles in hay stacks

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Unformatted text preview: say much of anything. In fact, a terrible gloom hovered near Yuri ready to descend in full force, rather like the gloom when the gypsies had taken him from his dead mother. Strangers. A world full of strangers. Except for Aaron, and these kindly people, this Mona whom he liked already very much. At Amelia Street, Yuri had met Mona today, sometime around noon. He'd been eating American dry cereal with milk at the breakfast table. She had talked to him nonstop, questioning him, chatting with him, all to one purpose or another as she gnawed on an apple till there was perhaps one seed left. The entire family was electric with the news that she would be the next designee of the legacy. They had come up to her continuously, paying court to her, doing everything but asking to kiss her ring. But then she did not have a ring. Finally Mona had said, "How can we carry on this way when Rowan is still alive?" And Randall, the huge, soft old man with the many chins, had said: "Darling, tha...
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