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Indeed the entire valley was ablaze with lighted

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Unformatted text preview: ening suddenly-a land of shaggy gruff-spoken light-skinned per- sons without civilization, without anything that I could understand. Was this pure cowardice that I felt? I wanted to be in Santa Maria del Fiori in Florence listening to the canticles or the High Mass. I wanted to be in Assisi greeting the Christmas pilgrims. For the first time in over twenty years I was not there! As darkness fell the crowds about the little city and the church looked all the more ominous, and the woods themselves closer, as though struggling to swallow what few edifices man had made in this place. For one second, I thought I saw a pair of dwarfish creatures, two little beings, far too ugly and misshapen to be children, and far too quick as they scurried out of the castle yard and across the bridge and beyond. But so quick had it been, and so dark was it, that I was uncertain I'd seen anything at all. I took one last look down into the valley. Ah, the beauty of the Cathedral. In its great Gothic ambition, it was more graceful even than the churches of Florence. Its arches challenged heaven. Its windows were visions. This, this alone, must be saved, I thought. My eyes fill...
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