Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It concerns the legacy it concerns mona well leave

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Unformatted text preview: It was waking him up. "I talked my way past them," said Yuri. "I don't want to get them in trouble, but stay on them. Remind them. I never gave them my name." "I got you," said Michael. He turned and looked up at the window of the master bedroom. On the first night that he had ever seen it candles had been flickering behind the closed blinds. He looked at the window below it, which led to the library, the window through which that thing had almost come. "I hope you're close. I hope you're coming," he said in a bitter whisper meant only for Lasher, his secret and old friend. "You have the gun Mona gave you?" Yuri asked. "Upstairs. How did you know about that?" "She told me," he said. "Put it in your pocket. Carry it always. You have other reasons." He gestured to a figure in the shadows across Chestnut Street, against the stone wall. "That is one of the Talamasca," he said. "Yuri, surely you and Aaron don't really believe these men to be dangerous. They're...
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