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It did no good nothing did any good the milk leaked

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Unformatted text preview: st unearthed the ruins of the thirteenth-century south transept and a chapel we didn't know was there, containing a burial chamber. This definitely involves a saint, but we cannot identify him. His effigy is carved on top of the tomb. We're debating. Dare we open it? Dare we seek to find something in there?" He said nothing. The stillness around them was suddenly unnerv- ing; Rowan was afraid he would cry out, do something utterly wild, draw attention to them. She tried to remind herself that it would be perfectly fine if this happened. She felt sleepy, heavy with milk. The old woman talked on and on about the castle, about the warring of the clans in these parts, the endless battles and slaughter. "What destroyed the Cathedral?" Rowan asked. The lack of chro- nology was disturbing to her. She wanted a chart in her mind. He glared at her angrily, as if she'd no right to speak. "I'm not sure," said the old woman. "But I have a hunch. There was some sort of clan war." "Wrong," he said softly. "Look deeper. It was the Protes...
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