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It didnt matter witch power was witch power the woman

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Unformatted text preview: re. He went into her, hurting her deliciously, and then began the piston motion that made her throw back her head and almost scream. "Yes, yes, yes." "OK, Molly Bloom!" he cried out in a hoarse whisper, and then she came and came and came-gritting her teeth, scarce able to stand it, moaning, and then screaming with her lips shut-and so did he. She lay to one side, out of breath, wet all over as if she were Ophelia and they had just found her in the flower-strewn stream. Her hand was caught in his hair, pulling it too hard maybe. And then a shrieking sound shocked her and she opened her eyes. Someone had torn the needle from the Victrola record. She turned, just as he did, and she stared at the bent little figure of Eugenia, the black maid, standing grimly beside the table, her arms folded, her chin jutting. And quite suddenly there was no Victrola. The sofa was damask. The dim lights were electric. And Eugenia was standing by nothing, having merely taken a righ- teous position, dead opposi...
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