Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It killed through fright mostly in the form of a man

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Unformatted text preview: a little in the breeze, sometimes singing to herself in Gaelic. Or letting loose long strings of curses on Lasher. For what ha^d happened you see was that Lasher had tired of her! He had gone on to serve Marguerite and to hover about Katherine, the new baby. And for Marie Claudette he had only an occasional kiss or word or two of poetry. Perhaps every few days or so, he came to beg Marie Claudette's 253 forgiveness for giving all his attentions to Marguerite, and to say in a very pure and beautiful voice, which I could hear, that Marguerite would not have it otherwise. Sometimes when he came to kiss and court Marie Claudette, he was dressed as a man in frock coat and pants, which were then a novelty you understand, we are only a few decades past tricorne and breeches, and sometimes he had a more rustic look to him, in rawhide garments of a very rough cut; but always his hair was brown and his eyes brown, and he was most beautiful. And guess who came along, all ringlets and smiles, and hopped up into...
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