Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It seemed a certainty in her mind that lasher was the

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Unformatted text preview: it be flesh? Human flesh? What? Would it be born into the world again, or take a body that is dead, or one that is . . ." "No," she said. "It says it knows its destiny. It says it carries the sketch within itself of what it would be again, and that someday a witch and a man shall make the magical egg from which its form will be made, and into which it will come again, knowing its own form, and the infant soul shall not knock it loose, and all the world will come to understand it." "All the world, hmmm." I thought. "And you said, 'again.' By that you mean the thing has been flesh before?" "It was something before which it is not now, but what it was, I can't rightly tell you. I think it was a creature fallen, damned to suffer intelligence and loneliness in a vaporish form! And it would end the sentence. Through us it wants a strong witch, who can be as the Virgin Mary was to Christ, the vessel of an Incarnation." I pondered all this. "It's no devil," I said. "And why do you say that?" she asked again, as if we hadn't di...
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