Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It seemed monstrous to me that anyone could have

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Unformatted text preview: her was crying continuously and did not want to touch me. She spoke in English, saying that God had cursed her for what she had done. God had cursed her and the King, and now her dreams were ruined; I was the retribution from heaven-my deformity, my size, the obvious fact that I was a monster. That I could not be a human being. What did I know at that moment? That I was flesh again. That I had 45 returned. That I had succeeded in some seemingly endless journey, and had once more found port, safe and sound. I felt happy. That was all I knew-and that I must take command. It was I who calmed the women, revealing that I could speak. I said that I had drunk enough milk. I could go out now and find milk and cheese and such on my own. I would have my mother out of danger. I said that for my mother's sake, I must be taken out of the castle, unseen by the rest of the court. There was of course a shocked silence that I could speak, that I could reason, that I was not merely a giant newborn but possess...
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