Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It seemed to have become less substan tial fingers

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Unformatted text preview: t;We will fight to the death if we must." It was a good thing they carried me, for the music had become so merry and so loud that I could not have walked. I was spellbound and crazed as they took me through the nave, and this time I did turn to my right and gaze up at the black glass figure of my saint. Tomorrow when the sun rises, I thought, I will come to you. Fran- cis, be with me. Tell me if I have done well. Then the music overcame me. It was all I could do to sit upright for those who carried me out of the church and into the darkness where the snow lay gleaming on the ground and the torches of the castle blazed. The main hall of the castle was strewn with green as I had first seen it, with all its many tapers lighted, and as the villagers set me down before the banquet table, the great Yule tree was dragged into the enormous gaping mouth of the hearth and set alight. LASHER "Burn, burn, burn the twelve nights of Christmas," sang the villag- ers. The pipes were shrilling and the drums bea...
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