Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was no doubt of it and behold the florist shop was

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Unformatted text preview: oked so miserable. Never should have showed the pearls to Gifford. But Gifford had said not a word. Well, if it hadn't been for Gifford, the priceless pearls would have stayed in the wall forever. Gifford, Gifford, Gifford, Miss Goody-two- shoes, Miss Meddler! But then they were in the wall again, weren't they? That was the lovely part. They were in the wall right now. All the more reason to walk straight, to walk slow, to walk sure. The pearls too are up there, and surely they must be given to Mona, for Rowan Mayfair was gone and might never return. My, so many houses on this long avenue had vanished. It was too sad, really. Whatever made up for a magnificent house, full of orna- ment and gay shutters and rounded windows? Not these, these mock buildings of stucco and glue, these dreary little tenements all got up for the middle class as if people were fools after all. You had to hand it to Mona, she knew. She said quite flatly that modern architecture had been a failure. You had only to look around to see...
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